Urban Infill Project 9
31st Dec 2012 - 3rd Apr 2012

Part of Urban Infill Art In The Core – empty + active spaces in the downtown will be converted into arts / cultural spaces with over 350 artists converging to exhibit their art.  The DefSup Members Show represents one aspect of some 15 projects in the core.  The idea: that with vision and innovative arts and business we can fill up the empty spaces and help to connect and create a unique urban arts district. DefSup Members Exhibition locations – generously donated and located at 214 Red River Rd [former RBC Bank Centre], 232 Red River Rd [former Treasure House], and 215 Red River Rd [Arthur Square].  Totalling over 11,000 sq.ft. of new exhibition space.  You never know what you’ll see downtown!  Performative Spring Tour Guides will show you the way to all the exciting Urban Infill locations!  Start at Definitely Superior Art Gallery located at 250 Park Ave – Sat.Mar.31@ 7-10pm with three new exhibitions featuring national / international artists.  Pick up your art map, re-discover your north core through art & culture -15 downtown locations-350 artists,  Art / Music / Performance / Refreshments.  Downtown exhibitions will run from Sunday April1 to Tues April 3, 12-6pm.