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About Die Active                                                Website

Die Active is an art collective for the young blooded. Entering its 12th year of successful, in-depth arts education programming at Definitely Superior Art Gallery, this program is aimed at mentoring and supporting future young artists while creating unique and contemporary graffiti murals, publications, performances and public art.

The more than 780 emerging artists in Die active (ranging from ages 14-30) are encouraged each summer to bring a series of practical collective projects to fruition, with the assistance of mentors familiar with the artist-run model.

Past years have seen the creation of the city’s first Street Art Festival, their largest collaborative graffiti murals, professional group exhibitions, an annual Y-Art Sale, and art interventions at: the Marina, the Bike Lane Launch, the Superior Youth Festival & Thunder Pride. In addition, four issues of their art zine are now in circulation!

Members become artists,  mentors, gallery members, volunteers, and established artists who exhibit and work in the arts.  They also become the individuals with the skills and leadership to develop their own arts and culture projects that help to enrich our community.



To increase the visibility of new and young artists in Thunder Bay while fostering creativity and collaboration.  Die Active strengthens the community through the encouragement of sustainable practices in alternative modes of working.

We promote the sharing of ideas, skills, and resources through the celebration of art, craft, education, and performance. The collective acts as a network for young artists to connect with each other, offering mentorship, exhibition opportunities and special projects.  It in turn creates a hub of new and diverse local talent.  The workshop element of the collective ensures that artists are fed creatively; new methods of art making are exchanged as well as artistic development encouraged and celebrated.

By bringing these artists together, they are a part of diverse and interesting projects that they themselves have control over.


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How to Join!

Artists in the Thunder Bay region or previous residents, ages 14 to 30 are invited to join the collective!

First step is to join the facebook group and the e-newsletter or contact loradefsup@hotmail.com

Graffiti Art Tour Map

Announcement: Regarding Cultural Appropriation in the Arts

Die Active Letter of Apology

The above PDF outlines our apology and plans for action in response to the presence and sale of culturally insensitive artwork at our 2018 Die Active Y-Art Sale.

Our full action plan, document of Changes to the Y-Art Sale, and Call to Action & Education document will be downloadable here soon as well.

Thank you to everyone helping form these documents. Please contact dieactivedieactive@gmail.com with suggestions, comments, questions and concerns at any time.

We highly recommend everyone read these links: