Definitely Superior Art Gallery presents over 50 exhibitions, events, and activities both in and out of the gallery each year. These support as many as 950 multi-disciplinary artists. At Definitely Superior Artist-Run Centre & Gallery, our success is based on the generosity and quality of our volunteers. Having only three permanent staff members our vital and lucrative fundraising events and dynamic artistic programming could not be executed without the help of our active members, artists, interns and supportive volunteers.

Volunteering at Definitely Superior Artist-Run Centre & Gallery is not only fun, but it’s a great way to network with other artists in the community, country, and world. We are always looking for individuals who share an enthusiasm and passion for the arts to become new members, student interns, and volunteers. Playing an active role at the gallery not only enhances your C.V. by helping you gain valuable skills in your field, it also offers you a chance to promote your own work, interact with visiting artists, make connections with the arts community, and help you with your own artistic and professional development.

There is a diverse set of roles to be selected from and we encourage you to contact us to discuss which positions best match your skill set.

We welcome high school students to complete their community hours at Definitely Superior Art Gallery. We also encourage people to come down to the gallery and introduce themselves in person so that we can find a volunteer role that fits your interests and capabilities.

For more information about volunteering, please contact the gallery.