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Free Art Workshops for Indigenous Youth

Introducing NEECHEE STUDIO! A fresh new program for Indigenous youth!

The Neechee Studio season begins each November with several varied art projects, one per month, that culminate in an online exhibition, a live exhibition and a publication.

Look out, they’re bringing you street art, graffiti, silkscreening, body casting, hiphop, moccasin making, painting, drawing and more!


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Indigenous  youth ages 14-30 from all communities are welcome to join. Workshops are always free and held at 5:30pm at DefSup or at FWFN Community Centre. Live too far away? If you can’t make it to the workshops post your own art on Instagram #neecheestudio or Facebook!

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Schedule of Workshops 


Regarding Cultural Appropriation in the Arts

Die Active Letter of Apology

The above PDF outlines our apology and plans for action in response to the presence and sale of culturally insensitive artwork at our 2018 Die Active Y-Art Sale.

Our full action plan, document of Changes to the Y-Art Sale, and Call to Action & Education document will be downloadable here soon as well.

Thank you to everyone helping form these documents. Please contact dieactivedieactive@gmail.com with suggestions, comments, questions and concerns at any time.

We highly recommend everyone read this guide:


and this https://www.reclaimindigenousarts.com/home