Moheb Soliman
8th Jun 2015 - 9th Jun 2015

An interdisciplinary work-in-progress by 

June 8th & 9th

Poet, performance artist and Joyce Foundation Fellow, Moheb Soliman (Egypt/Minneapolis), is tracing the entire Great Lakes coastline by land for four months. Due in Thunder Bay June 7-9, where Defsup will be his host for some special activities. Come for a meet-and-greet, participate in the creative protocols he’s enacting region-wide, or just contribute your own view of our corner of the Great Lakes to this unique work-in-progress.

Moheb will share some of his Great Lakes work through a sort of mock talk, where the subjective stands in for the objective in a overlays of images, language, and gesture. The talk will be presented in the context of a low-fi installation which visitors can interact with, involving a tent, an overhead projector, artifacts and materials accumulating in his travel. He’ll also discuss his on-going project circling the Great Lakes, hoping for an exchange with our locality in exploring the place of nature and the sublime in modernity and identity, the differing narratives of belonging in the region, and the extent to which the wild, populous Great Lakes borderland has a coherent culture rooted in geography, history and economy.


Mon. June 8 5:30-7:30pm:

Meet and greet. With wine & snacks, a presentation, installation and video, and maybe a walk to the lakeshore to end the evening.

Mon. June 8 & Tues. June 9 12pm/2pm/8pm slots (both days):

Sign up through DefSup for 1-on-1 or small-group excursions* to participate with Moheb in one of his protocols, such as:

  • “Feeled trips”–Go feel out a stretch of the lakeshore through inhabiting a favorite place, taking a walk in water, capturing a conversation or interaction through audio/video
  • “Poem of sublime proportions”–help with an on-going epic poem being written into/erased by the entire Great Lakes shoreline
  • “Tidings”–help with an on-going performance/installation piece where natural and cultural materials and excess from other Great Lakes locations “wash up” here temporarily through your placement, and collect others on-site for tidings in Moheb’s future destinations

Have another idea for what to do or where to go? Boat? Fishing? He’d love to hear it. And he’ll be developing other ideas too to pitch as options. *Starts/ends at Defsup, may involve getting a lil wet.

To sign up: email: reneedefsup@tbaytel.net; phone: (807) 344-3814 during gallery hours, Tues-Sat/12-6pm. Or private msg us via facebook. When you sign up, please let us know which of the above noted activities you would like to participate in, and if you have any questions.

Supported by the Joyce Foundation and Mizna.