The Warrior Caught in the Maze

30th Aug 2018

DefSup presents, a special one night only performance,


The Warrior Caught in the Maze

Thursday, August 30, 7 pm, Definitely Superior Gallery

Work-in-Progress showing using kalaripayat (South Indian martial art form), dance and video installation, inspired by a story from the Mahabharata:

Abhimanyu learned part of the secret of the deadly chakravyuh battle formation while still in the womb. Now, on the 13th day of battle, he enters, not knowing if he will figure out the way to leave.



Dancers: Brandy Leary and Hans Wolfgramm

Video and Installation: Riaz Mehmood

Concept and Choreography: Gitanjali Kolanad

Limited Seating: Cost is by donation which will go towards the Kerala Floods In India.

(This performance experiments with elements of smell. Please contact 344-3814 at DefSup if you require further information.)

Brandy Leary is a choreographer, dancer, martial artist,  curator and acrobat whose work is concerned with entanglements of bodies, landscapes and histories.  She creates contemporary performances through the body with an artistic practice informed by dance, martial arts, ritual, circus, and theatre.

Hans Wolfgramm  began his kalari training at the age of eight and undergoes intensive training with recognized masters of the form. He teaches kalaripayat, conducting workshops all over the world, and working with at-risk youth. He has performed in Toronto, New Delhi, Singapore and Graz.

Riaz Mehmood is a multidisciplinary artist originally from Pakistan. His artistic oeuvre encompasses a range of practices including performance, video, photography and new media, exploring issues related to identity, history and media. His works have been shown nationally and  internationally.

Gitanjali Kolanad has been involved in the practice, performance, and teaching of bharata natyam for more than forty years. Her own choreography uses the form and technique of bharata natyam, the Indian martial art form kalaripayat and folk and ritual movement techniques to explore contemporary ideas and aesthetics.