Massive Halloween Cabaret Event
31st Oct 2014


FRIDAY OCTOBER 31st, 8pm-2am

Enter the multiverse of the largest music and performance spectacle you’ll ever experience. One night, one massive Halloween Event, involving 8 bar venues downtown. Featuring 56 performance acts, 44 Bands & DJ’s – 225 artists -4,250 in attendance last year! Thousands in prizes for Best Costume at each location, one cover of $15 gets you into all 8 venues: Crock’s, Black Pirates Pub, The Foundry, The Sovereign Room, Gargoyles, A Little To The Left, Red Lion Smokehouse and Hell. Feed your hunger and treat yourself to the wildest, slickest Halloween you’ll ever experience… Receive a Multi-Pass+Wristband the night of the event with times and locations for acts,  choose what you want to see and hear…We bring you Halloween! Check for updates on DefSup Facebook, Website, TBShows. Video

Presented by Definitely Superior Art Gallery, a fundraiser for the Contemporary Arts.



SCHEDULE of Music and Entertainment- 56 ACTS/44 BANDS/DJ’S


8:00-8:45  Bleed in Time
8:45-9:30 ANDROID [alternative rock]
9:30-10:15 SLEEP CLINIC-[hip-hop/indie/rap]
10:15-10:25 SAHARAN SISTERS-TRIBAL FUSION BELLYDANCE-Jessica D & Lisa RoseAnna-[exotic/entrancing!]
10:25-11:10 LOST LOVE-[post punk darkness/alt 70’s & 80’s-Joy Division, Bauhaus & more!]
11:10-11:55 FOREVER DEAD-[punk/rock/ska/reggae/blues/psychobilly]
12:10-1:20 DJ STEINER-[electro/top 40/mashup]
1:20-2:30 DJ DELEO-[mashups/progressive house/electro]
**THUNDER BAY ROLLER DERBY GIRLZ-candy treats for you-everywhere!


8:00-8:45 – Bleed in Time
8:45-9:20  THE SHALLOW VOID-[nintendo DS/psychedelic electronic]
9:20-10:05 REVERB BOMB-[experimental/punk/noise rock]
10:05-10:20 THEE NECROMANCERS-[Gorelesque Performances-they are bloody sexy!]
10:20-11:00  SECRET BABY-[garage rock]
11:00-11:10 BEATRIX MUSE’S TEDDY BEAR OPERATION-[burlesque/horror/comedy]
11:10-11:50  HEY YOU MILLIONAIRES-[alternative/indie/rock]
11:50-12:05 Coven Couture-PALOMA MARQUEZ, FABULOUS PORTIA, LILY TREMAYNE-premiere drag performance
12:20-1:20 CASTLE-[San Diego/Juno nominated Doom Metal/US & Canada Under Siege Tour]
1:20-2:15 THE MARRIED SINGLEMEN-[funk/rock/ska]

OUTDOOR PERFORMANCES-[outside Black Pirates Pub and in the streets at other venues! ***ERIC THE JUGGLER + DEE MARIE + THE KIDD-[knives/fire spinning…souls! in the streets] +THEE NECROMANCERS-[Gorelesque Performances-They are Bloody Sexy!]


8:00-8:45 Bleed in Time
8:45-9:30 DON’T YOU [,] MEAN PEOPLE?-[instrumental math/post rock]
9:30-10:10 ERIC WESTELAKEN & RYAN FURCHNER of the SEASIDE VILLAINS-[acoustic-reggae/folk/ska]
10:10-10:20 -(10)- WORLD DANCE CENTRE-PERFORMANCE w/ DAHAB-[bollywood & bhangra-east indian dance]
10:20-11:00 CAMDEN BLUES-[avant garde post-bop blues/punk rock]
11:00-12:00 MICHAEL BERNARD FITZGERALD [aka MBF] [Calgary-critically acclaimed folk/soul/pop-Touring Band]
12:15-1:05  HUNT & GATHER-[eclectic alt rock/blues/country/metal]
1:05-2:00 ROCK TRUCK-[rock/rock/rock]

THE SOVEREIGN ROOM [They have delicious food, when you need to feed!]

8:00-9:45 GEOFFREY MOODY-[DJ Extraordinaire-hip-hop/funky Halloween]
9:45-11:45  THE FUNKY GIANT-[old school funk on vinyl]
12:00-2:00 DJ WURLWIND-[hip hop/turntablism/mashups]
**Big Prizes for Best Costume at all venues!


8:00-8:45-Bleed in Time
8:45-9:35  ROBIN RANGER & FRIENDS-[jazz/groove/improv]
9:35-10:15 AUBREY BRANDT & JORDON GILMAN-[Ottawa-power soul meets folk punk]
10:30-11:15 THE MOONSHINERS-[folk rock-w/touch of bluegrass&punk!]
11:15-11:55 SOLOMON-[hiphop/spoken word]
11:55-12:10  COSTUME CONTEST
12:10-1:05 THE SELFIES-[as Me First & The Gimme Gimmes-punk rock supergroup covers]
1:05-2:00 PHINEAS GAUGE-[railway spike dark rock/funk]
**Big Prizes for Best Costume at all venues


A LITTLE TO THE LEFT Enter via Gargoyles-A Multi Media Space-Big Screen Videos and THE SUGAR SHAKEDOWN CREW-with its own bar-Gargoyles is right next door, you don’t even have to leave the building…here you get DJ’s/Projections and Live Music simultaneously all night long!

8:00-10:00 Black&White Horror/Surrealist Films
THE SUGAR SHAKEDOWN DJ CREW-[deep house-eclectic dance electronic]
10:00-11:00 FABULOUS DAVE
11:00-11:30 DJ LUV
11:30-12:00  MISS TEMPERANCE
12:00-12:30 DJ LUV
1:00-2:00  DJ LAZER [upbeat dance/electro/dirty beats]


RED LION SMOKEHOUSE *NEW VENUE/located corner of Cumberland & Park/former Jack’s location]

8:00-8:45 Bleed in Time
8:45-9:30 AMANDA SODERHOLM-[folk/minimal/indie pop]
9:30-10:15  NICK SHERMAN-[award-winning folk/rock]
10:15-11:00 GREASY CREASES-[bluegrass]
11:00-12:00  MORNING LIGHT-[Tall Poppy Syndrome-motown/funk/folk rock/alt-7 piece]
12:00-12:15  BEST COSTUME
12:15-12:55  WEBBY D & GRIMMACE THE BUTLER-[hip-hop indie/performance-international video awards]
12:55-2:00 GREENBANK TRIO-[folk/rock/3-part harmony vocals & upbeat retro 60’s sound]

HELL 250 Park Av-Lower Level-Massive Carnival Stage+Hell-Hall space

8:00-8:45  Bleed in Time
8:45-9:25  JAKE VAILLIANT & THE DIRTY OLD TOWN-[dirty folk rock]
9:25-10:05  DARREN FOLEY-[of The Downconverter-vocal/ambiant/folk/psych]
10:05-10:15  THRILLER [Thunder Bay Roller Derby perform Thriller on skates-hell ya!]
10:15-10:55  WAX PHILOSOPHIC-[hip hop/neo soul/freestyle]
10:55-11:05  VERONIKA SWARTZ & SCOTT HOBBES-[Toronto-MTV/Showtime-burlesque/comedysinging/music]
11:05-11-20 ASYLUM SIDESHOW CABARET: Dee Marie-[flesh & fire!], Zoe Gordini & Shayne Ehman-[fire trix] & The Amazing Sissy-[dark dance/contortionism]
11:20-12:00 THE DWEEZILS-[jazz/metal/rock]
12:00-12:40 BOTTOM ROCKERS-[rock/post punk/ska]
12:55-1:45 DJ DORAN [breakbeats/electro/fusion] + The Kidd-[glow hula hoop/spinning performance] w/ ILLUMINATE lighting!
1:45-2:30 DJ LYSIS [funk/drum & base] w/ ILLUMINATE lighting!


• Crocks • Black Pirates Pub • The Foundry • The Sovereign Room • Gargoyle’s Grille & Ale • A Little To The Left • Red Lion Smokehouse • *HELL [250 Park Ave]-MDM Developers • Drums by Music Workshop • Audioworks • The Waterfront District BIA • • The Walleye-TBay’s Arts & Culture Magazine • LU Radio 102.7 FM • Northern Wilds-Outdoors & Arts/Culture Magazine • Dining Room Studios, Lot 66, Pneumaticity, The Loop, Maltese Grocery, Boston Pizza, Hill City Comics & Cards, World Dance Centre, Creation Body Piercing, Painted Turtle Art Shop, Bean Fiend Cafe & Sandwich Bar, Lisa’s Infinity, Perfect Fit Lingerie, Resting Frog Yoga Studio, Mars. Clothing, Calico Coffeehouse, Underground Ink, Uncle Mowglie’s Screen Printing, The Growing Season Juice Bar & Day-Time Eatery, Petrie’s Cycle & Sports, Magnus Theatre, Marcia’s Merle Norman Cosmetics, The Craft Collective, Halloween Alley, Elegant Embodiments, Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel, Frankly Scarlet Productions, Fresh Air-home of Cycle Path & Static Boardshop, Elfarrow Apparel, International House of Tea, New Day Records, Sushi Bowl, Prince Arthur Waterfront Hotel & Suites, Waking Giant Coffeehouse, Both Hands Wood-fired Pizza & Bakery, Sweet Escape Cake Cafe & Bakery, Wojo’s Mojo, The Gym, Bight Restaurant & Bar, Tomlin Restaurant.

…You’ll remember Halloween FRIDAY OCTOBER.31 @ 8PM-2AM

More to come…stay tuned to our facebook page/defsup website/tbshows …advice come early, there were 4,250 in attendance last year and you don’t want to miss a thing.

*HELL located at 250 Park Ave, is the largest venue in the Hellmouth we call downtown, it opens one night a year for 10,000 sq.ft. of Hell fire fun. So go to HELL!

Red Lion Smokehouse, new venue, corner of Park & Cumberland/ former Jack’s