Massive Halloween Event
26th Oct 2013


SAT. OCTOBER 26th, 8pm- one cover of $10, 19+

3,650 in attendance last year

Presented by Definitely Superior Art Gallery, a fundraiser for the Contemporary Arts

Enter the multiverse of the largest music and performance spectacle you’ll ever experience. The Hunger 8 is a Halloween event of epic proportions, featuring 52 Bands, Dj’s and Performance Acts.  So massive an event, it will take up 7 bar venues… Crock’s, Black Pirates Pub, The Foundry, The Sovereign Room, Gargoyle’s, A Little To The Left and*HELL. Thousands in prizes for Best Costumes at each location! Pick your story, diabolic or devilicious. Move between bars and interact with every soul along the way, you could even win prizes in the street. Feed your hunger with a night of death defying performances and orgiastic maneuvers of delight…. Thousands in Costume Contest Prizes at all locations.



THE SOVEREIGN ROOM-delicious food, when you need to feed!

8:00-9:30- THE BOSSMAN-[reggae-old school vinyl]
9:30-11:00- DJ WORTHYQUEST-[formerly DJ Kwazi/experimental/hip-hop/eclectic]
11:00-12:15- DJ NATE JONES-[Vancouver-tribal/breaks/kamikaze masterz/downtech]
12:15-12:30- COSTUME CONTEST
12:30-2:00- DJ WURLWIND -[old school hip hop/turntablism]
**Big Prizes for Best Costume at all venues!


8:00-8:45-Bleed in Time
8:45-9:40- LOZEN-RELIC-RATIONAL-[BC/Toronto/Saskatoon-award winning hip hop soloists/freestyle emcee] /
9:40-10:35- MORNING LIGHT-[Tall Poppy Syndrome-motown/funk/folk rock/alt-7 piece]
10:35-10:45- SAHARAN SISTERS-Tribal Fusion Bellydance-[exotic/entrancing!]
10:45-11:20- ANIMAL NATION-[BC/NY-hip hop-NXNE- WCMA-played 2010 Olympics]
11:20-12:15- KYPRIOS-[Vancouver BC-award winning hiphop/MC-Juno nominated-$100,000 Peak Prize]
—Tour/TBay Oct. 26 FB event page:]
12:15-12:30- COSTUME CONTEST
12:30-1:30- DJ STEINER-[electro/top 40/mashup]
1:30-2:30- DJ DELEO-[mashups/progressive house/electro]
**THUNDER BAY ROLLER DERBY GIRLZ-candy treats for you-everywhere!


8:00-8:45-Bleed in Time
8:45-9:30- THE DWEEZILS-[jazz/metal/rock]
9:30-10:05- THE SHALLOW VOID-[nintendo DS/psychedelic electronic]
10:05-10:20- THEE NECROMANCERS-w/IVAN LOVE-[Gorelesque Performances-they are bloody sexy!]
10:20-11:05- DOWN CONVERTER-[stoner sludge metal/post-metal]
11:05-11:50- NORRIS-[metal-critically acclaimed musical force that will demolish you]
11:50-12:00- The Devil’s Queen-PALOMA MARQUEZ-[premiere drag performer]
12:00-12:15- COSTUME CONTEST
12:15-12:50- WEBSTER DEATH & GRIMMACE THE BUTLER-[hiphop/indie/performance]
12:50-1:35 – THE MARRIED SINGLEMEN-[funk/rock/ska]
1:35-2:15- TAP OUT-[happy hardcore/metal-A Halloween Special]

OUTDOOR PERFORMANCES- outside Black Pirates Pub and spontaneous performances in the streets at other venues.
**ERIC THE JUGGLER-[knives/fire…souls]+ DEE MARIE [flesh & fire!] + FLASH BURLESQUE w/Les Couquettes Rouge + NECROMANCERS GORELESQUE-Watch for them!



8:00-8:45-Bleed in Time
8:45-9:35- DON’T YOU [,] MEAN PEOPLE?-[instrumental math/post rock]
9:35-9:40- THE GYPSY RHINESTONES-Can-Can/Burlesque-[performance]
9:40-10:30- NICK SHERMAN & THE WINTER DARK-[multi- award winning-folk/rock]
10:30-10:40- ACADEMY AFRA MIDDLE EAST BELLY DANCE & DRUM-[ performance]
10:40-11:25- SLEEP CLINIC-[hip hop/indie/rap]
11:25-12:15- CAMDEN BLUES-[avant garde post bop blues/punk rock]
12:15-12:30- COSTUME CONTEST
12:30-2:00- ROBIN RANGER+ FRIENDS-[stepped up jazz/groove/improv]
**Big Prizes for Best Costume at all venues!


A LITTLE TO THE LEFT-enter via Gargoyles-A Multi Media Space-Big Screen Videos and THE SUGAR SHAKEDOWN CREW-with its own bar-Gargoyles is right next door, you don’t even have to leave the building…here you get DJ’s/Projections and Live Music simultaneously all night long!

8:00-10:00-Bleed in Time-Silent b&w horror/surrealst Films
THE SUGAR SHAKEDOWN CREW-[deep house-eclectic dance electronic]
10:00-10:30-FABULOUS DAVE
11:00-11:30-DJ LUV
11:30-12:00-DJ JAQI IRAQI
12:30-1:00-DJ LUV
1:00-1:30-DJ JAQI IRAQI


8:00-8:45-Bleed in Time
8:45-9:30- THE AUDITOR GENERAL-[folk rock/indie/western swing]
9:30-10:15- GREENBANK TRIO-[folk/rock]
10:15-10:25- WORLD DANCE CENTRE-PERFORMANCE w/Dahab-[bhangra-east indian dance + gypsy knife dance]
10:25-11:10- BOTTOM ROCKERS-[rock/post punk/ska]
11:10-11:20- JAHMOCHA-[Vancouver’s Dancehall Queen-performance]
11:20-12:05- FIN’R THINGS-[garage/punk rock!]
12:05-12:20- COSTUME CONTEST
12:20-1:10- HUNT & GATHER-[eclectic alt rock/blues/country/metal]
1:10-2:00- SEASIDE VILLAINS-[funk/rock/ska]


HELL-250 PARK AVE-Lower Level-Massive Carnavale Stage+Hell-Hall space-Now go to HELL!

8:00-8:45-Bleed in Time
8:45-9:30-REVERB BOMB- [experimental/punk/noise rock]
9:30-10:15- ROCK TRUCK-[rock/rock/rock-A Halloween Special]
10:15-11:00-GREASY CREASES-[bluegrass]
11:00-11:20-ASYLUM SIDESHOW CABARET-[Dee Marie-[flesh & fire!], Zoe Gordini-[fire trix] &
The Amazing Sissy-[dark dance/contortionism]
11:20-12:05-FOREVER DEAD-[psychobilly/punk/rockabilly]
12:05-12:25-Rocky Horror Tribute w/LES COQUETTES ROUGE-[classic burlesque performance…hot!]
12:40-1:30- DJ TONY DEKKER and the ILLUMINATE lighting crew
1:30-2:30- DJ DORAN + The Kidd-[glow hula hoop & poi spinning performance] and the ILLUMINATE lighting crew
**ASYLUM GO GO DANCERS-everywhere!


…You’ll remember Halloween! – [SATURDAY OCT.26 @ 8PM]

…advice come early, 3,650 in attendance last year and you don’t want to miss a thing!

*HELL located at 250 Park Ave, is the largest venue in the Hellmouth we call downtown, it opens one night a year for 10,000 sq.ft. of Hell fire fun. So go to HELL!