Film Screening, Connor McMahon
7th Dec 2018

DefSup invites you to,
The Premiere Screening of a new Film by local director Connor McMahon,


A Neo-Noir Film following a drug addled hitman, as he descends further into insanity while hunting a satanic death cult.
Fri Dec 7th,
2 Screenings: 7pm or 9pm
at Definitely Superior Art Gallery

Fresh Film, Live Music, Drinks, $5 cover (or by donation)

!Kasket Surfers playing at 2nd screening!

(Ages 16+ for violence, language and mature themes)




Connor McMahon is a writer/director living in Thunder Bay. He attended Con College film program where he met Ben O’Neill who helped him make the Axe Man. It was shot guerrilla style over a one week period, with almost no budget. Connor purchased a computer 6 months later and took 1.5 year to edit the film. He has subpar vision and is drawn to harsh vibrant colours. The Axe Man was heavily influenced by the Pusher Trilogy. Connor is also a visual artist and has a Comic/Magazine company called BUJET INK. He is currently working on a vigilante comic called ‘Tuff Chudz’ & a crime comic called ‘Sunsy/Side.’

Cast: Kai Davey-Bellin, Lakotah Williams, Kendall Jacko, John Ferget, Nicole Arseneau, Ruby Reid-Sharp, Kyla Pun, Cody Hoff, Dylan Maxwell, Devin Klassen, Justin Desrosier, Darby Klages,
Joe Sposato, Ashley Styles, & Shannon Bateman.

Soundtrack Musicians: Sunshine & the Blue Moon, Pink Acid Wash, Secret Baby, Thuh Buddy System,
Chico No Face, the Kasket Surfers, & the Camden Blues Band.

Crew: Ben O’Neill, Matt Kinch, Laura Pudas, Liam O’Neill, Chris Albanese

Running Time: 33min