Members & Die Active
4th Jun 2013 - 8th Jun 2013

We’re having a Birthday P.arty!…and everyone is invited! We encourage all Members & the Die Active Art Collective to submit their very best and help celebrate Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s big 25th anniversary year. The Annual Members Exhibition & the Die Active Show, offer the opportunity for both emerging and established artists to share exhibition space. The lack of restriction is designed to encourage eclectic and experimental works in response.

The Deadline to drop off artwork is between Tue. June 4 to Sat. June 8. Gala Opening Reception is Friday June 14 at 7-10pm and features a ferocity of art, musical performances and a huge celebration of 25 years -gleeful smiles will follow- Lots of exquisite birthday cake and summer catered refreshments.

Exhibitions run until July 13.

Gallery 1+2