Contemporary Canadian Collection
12th Jan 2013 - 16th Feb 2013

Gala Opening Reception Saturday, January 12th at 7pm

13 Canadian contemporary artists comprise the best of selected artworks from Dr. Chaudhuri’s collection, which have been exhibited in the last 6 years of DefSup’s Urban Infill series. Featuring: paintings, ceramics, printmaking, photography, and drawings by critically acclaimed Canadian artists, big on the international art scene and featured in major art magazines. Acclaimed Canadian artists like Greg Payce, Davida Kidd, Daryl Vocat, George Vergette, Cybele Young, Marc Sequin, Tony Taylor, Twelve Midnight, Scott Ellis, Max Wyse, Srdian Segan and more… This exhibition provides a forum for the public/artist┬ácommunity coming into contact with works, artists that would otherwise not be available. Gala Opening Reception of 3 new shows-featuring: art/music performance and a wintery wonderland of refreshments, Saturday January 12 @ 7:00pm. Gallery 2