Performance Project
27th Sep 2012 - 6th Oct 2012

Thunder Bay’s finest spoken word performers, singers and songwriters presenting 30 Urban Interventions to the public September 27 and October 1st to 6th.

An initiative of Definitely Superior Art Gallery in order to present a series of 30 spoken word / singer-songwriter performances throughout the City of Thunder Bay to promote literacy, art & poetry in places where people live their everyday lives. See and hear the Definitely Superior Poetry Construction Crew as they randomly bring urban interventions to our public venues, schools and institutions, coffee shops, radio, television, street corners,  transit…your very home!

Warning!…it’s Poetry Construction season!


Spoken Word Poetry Construction Crew 2012:  Shy-Anne Hovorka, Holly Haggarty, Chris Waite, Keith Secola (Arizona), Morningstar, Nolan Schmerk aka Solomon, Jacob Vaillant, Kianwe & T.Ko of The Fam, Douglas Livingston, Mary Frost, Sue Blott, Taina Maki Chahal, Rian Shortwave, Juliann Robbins, Steven Gothard, Sharon Irvine, Erin Stewart, Jamie Smith, Scott Pound, Jess Horricks, Chris Roy, Heather Esdon, Sherri Lankinen, Sara Mackie, Aubrey Brandt, Renee Terpstra. Schedules available at gallery & on www.facebook.com for one of the largest poetry performances in Canada.


Please plan to arrive at a location at the beginning of a listed estimated time-frame … to ensure that you don’t miss us! 


TONIGHT! – ROUTE #3:  WED. OCT. 3; 6:30 – 10 PM / “PEOPLE MEET” [performer arrival time at the gallery: 6pm]

Poet Crew: spoken word: Steven Gothard, Douglas Livingston, Tricia Roy & Mary Frost; singer-songwriter: Rusty Brown.

·         1st stop @ WAVERLEY LIBRARY (between 6:30 & 7pm)

·         2nd stop @ RANDOM STOP (IDEA(s): Marina Park-(sailing night-near sailboats / new splash pad / Baggage Arts Building) (between  7 & 7:30pm)

·         3rd stop @ RANDOM STOP (IDEA:  outside The Calico) (between  7:30 & 8pm)

·         4th stop @ LU RADIO 102.7 FM – “VALVE” with host Uko Abara (IDEA: spoken word over brass band music background)  (listen in! btw. 8:30 & 9pm)

·         5th stop @ OPEN MIC @ LAKEHEAD UNIVERSITY’S THE STUDY (9:30-10pm time slot)


ROUTE #4:  THURS. OCT. 4;  6-9:30 pm / “NIGHT TRIPPIN’”

Poet Crew:  hip-hop spoken word: Solomon. (Nolan Schmerk) & Kianwe with T.Ko of The Fam; spoken word: Steven Gothard; singer-songwriter: Rian Shortwave (+ others TBA).

·         1st stop @ RETRO BAKERY (RAP intervenes at Retro B.-now open for dinner on Thurs-4-8pm!) (6:15-6:45pm)

·         2nd stop @ CALICO COFFEE HOUSE on Bay St. (performing inside) (between 7 & 7:30 pm

·         3rd stop @ LU RADIO 102.7 FM – “SONIC BLENDER” with host GREG MAHOOD (listen in! between 8 & 8:30pm)

·         4th stop @  THE SOVEREIGN ROOM (RAP intervenes at “The Sov” cool gastro-pub on Red River Rd.) (between  9 & 9:30 pm)


ROUTE #5: FRI. OCT. 5  / 12 – 3:30pm  / “DIVERSITY STREET”

Poet Crew:  spoken word: Heather Esdon, Erin Stewart, Holly Haggarty  (+ others TBA).

·         1st stop @ SUPERIOR C.V. HIGH SCHOOL (in library during lunch hour-12:09 to 12:49pm)

·         2nd stop @ VICTORIAVILLE CENTRE – inside by Food Court – Downtown F.W./South (between 1:15 & 1:45 pm)

·         3rd stop @ JASPER PLACE (City of TBAY-Assisted Living Home for the Elderly/near L.U.) (between 2 & 2:30 pm)

·         4th stop @ LU RADIO 102.7 FM – “J.A.F.O.’S MOOD” with host J.A.F.O. (listen in! between 3 & 3:30pm)


ROUTE #8:  SAT. OCT. 6; 11 am – 2:30pm (3.5 hours) / “CENTRAL & SOUTH – SHOP & COFFEE”

Poet Crew: spoken word: Taina Maki Chahal, Erin Stewart, Holly Haggarty, Betty Carpick, Sharon Irvine;  singer-songwriter: Rian Shortwave.

·         1st stop @ OUTSIDE CALICO COFFEE HOUSE (on Bay St.) (between 11 & 11:30am)

·         2nd stop @ OUTSIDE THUNDER BAY COUNTRY MARKET (farmers market-CLE grounds) (between 11:30am & 12noon)

·         2nd stop @ STARBUCKS COFFEE – IN CHAPTERS BOOKSTORE (Memorial Ave) (between 12:30 & 1pm)

·         3rd stop @  MARINA WATERFRONT PARK – RANDOM STOPS (IDEAS: near new splash pad / Baggage Arts Building) (between  1:15-2:45pm)

·         4th stop @ LU RADIO 102.7 FM – “BETTY HOWLS” with HOST LISA FERRIS (listen in! between 2 & 2:30pm)