11th Sep 2021 - 12th May 2024

Renovations/Repurposing Project

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known!

Definitely Superior Art Gallery is excited to announce the inception of our next expansion project as we begin Phase II, looking forward to a progressive future for our art cluster, involves the development of the adjacent, approx. 2,000 sq.ft former Cinema 3 space for further artistic / performance / event / fundraising opportunities. The development would include a dedicated members / curatorial and collective / community exhibition and performance space,  including a new Luna MicroCinema with a mezzanine interior walkout overlooking what would be the newly renovated Gallery / Performance space, inclusive of lakeside accessibility and more voluminous 18 ft ceilings. [capital fundraising campaign Build DefSup/funding grants]. As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary platform, the new Definitely Superior Art Gallery is an extension of the evolving cultural landscape, in its most raw and honest form and will reopen its completely new repurposed /renovated and expanded facility within the Cumberland Cinema 5 Theatre Complex in fall 2022, with a lively celebration featuring the opening of its inaugural exhibitions.
The new Definitely Superior Art Gallery is concluding its Phase I completion, winter 2021, noting the most current updates and renovations, as well work completed by the building owners/anchor sponsors. Thank you to the generosity of Donors/Community of Artists / Supporters / Business Partners and Contractors in kind donations who have invested and engaged so much towards the future of Definitely Superior Art Gallery.

Definitely Superior’s programming has seen expansion/dynamism in both exhibitions and activities that contribute to the artistic quality of contemporary art in our region and Canada, all of which converge with business partnerships, donors, sponsors and volunteers, existing in a kind of synergy with one another and directly shaping/impacting the cultural/economic landscape of our downtown and City of Thunder Bay. These objectives are a significant cultural investment in the future of our gallery; a move of confidence that will advance our programming initiatives in a new exciting and positive directions so that we may continue to contribute to the development of Contemporary art in Canada.