5th Feb 2016 - 5th Mar 2016

Regional – multidisciplinary immersive installation

Gala Opening Reception-Friday February 5 @ 7-10pm

From the shot-gun marriage of sculpture, graffiti and illustration comes boy Roland’s Odeum. This work explores the concepts of the perpetual mental death and rebirth of the self and the nomadic haunts that trail behind. The remains of mistakes, wrong doings and regrets that resist being forgotten or forgiven. Odeum taps into the unreality of the of a waking dream to spotlight the invented and personal mythology of the this ongoing struggle, and to discover the how’s and why’s of what is a boy Roland. Boy Roland lives and works in Thunder Bay, Ontario as a multidisciplinary artist and designer. He received his HBFA in fine arts from Lakehead University in  sculpture and painting, studied Digital Art and Graphic Novels at OCAD University, and completed a two week Residency at the San BaoCeramic Art Institute in Jingdezhen, China.  Boy Roland as well is an assistant co-ordinator of the Die Active Art Collective, leading professional graffiti arts projects for the past five years and is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council Northern Arts Creation Grant.

Join us for the Gala Opening Reception Fri. Feb.5 @7-10pm featuring a ferocity of art with 3 new exhibitions and special one night only musical performance lots of catered and cool winter refreshments, artist talks and more! Gallery 1- Shows run until March 5.