115 Cumberland Street North
1st Oct 2019

Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s Executive/Staff and Board of Directors wish to announce, to our multi-disciplinary artist members and supporters/funders, our partners and the public, our new location and home for the gallery at the former Cumberland Cinema 5 theatre complex, located at 115 Cumberland Street North. DefSup has made a concentrated effort to find another permanent location and we believe our amazing and unique new space will provide even more progressive opportunities for our artistic cluster: Definitely Superior Art Gallery, Die Active Art Collective and Neechee Studio. DefSup is now completing its sixth move, since its founding in 1987.





A brief history of the 115 Cumberland Street location: Built in 1947, it was the home of Powell Machinery/Warehouse. Then in the 60’s, it became the site of the Grey Goose Bus Terminal. The 80’s brought about the first Cineplex to Thunder Bay, in the form of the Cumberland Cinema 5 theatre complex, until it closed in 2009. Now the next evolution,  thanks to our anchor sponsor RII Realty Holdings Ltd., this new phase could very well become a progressive new beginning for the creative industry/artists in Thunder Bay, and can also help renew a depressed area of the city that runs adjacent to the Waterfront Development on the periphery of downtown north in what could well be called, the Warehouse District; anyway that’s what we’re calling it. Things are changing…nothing will be the same. N-Gage Art!

As Definitely Superior Art Gallery transitions into our new location, we will be exploring/envisioning new innovative strategies to create value and new ways of thinking about emergent art trends, while increasing public engagement and managing ideas. As well, we’ll be introducing changes that differentiate the organization, by developing disruptive and transformational art to serve new artists and audiences, successfully spurring the centre’s development as an artistic incubator, creative hub and a nexus for the art scene. Definitely Superior acts as a catalyst for the creation of art by providing comprehensive production and technical support, dedicated curatorial direction and critical frameworks, a significant investment for our gallery. In this way, we hope to advance our programming initiatives in new and exciting and positive directions, so that we may continue to push the boundaries of contemporary art and spark critical dialogue through the diverse range of artworks, that represent the best of regional/ national/ international artists, exhibiting a range of art media and styles, contributing to the contemporary arts in Canada.

Please watch for, share and support, DefSup’s fundraising campaigns being launched throughout the year, which will support us in this transition. We hope you will join us in celebrating the grand opening of our new gallery space later this fall, with a big sparkly gala affair, stay tuned!