115 Cumberland St. N.
3rd Apr 2020

The new Definitely Superior Art Gallery is nearing its Phase I completion, noting the most current updates and renovations, as well additional spaces that have been donated by Realty II Holdings.

Additional spaces equivalent to 1,500 sq.ft, in conjunction with our leased space of 3,770 sq.ft, gives the gallery a total of 5,270 sq.ft [almost double our previous space] for an ultra modern Industrial modular exhibition space, which allows DefSup to be more flexible with its shows and galleries, while acting as an artistic hub to provide more opportunities in launching a variety of projects /events /workshop + research spaces. The electrical install of all new track/led lighting throughout the gallery was completed in December, while further painting/cabinetry work/furnishings and detail work is expected to be complete by the end of February 2020.

Phase II, looking forward to a progressive future for our art cluster, involves the development of the adjacent 1,250 sq.ft Cinema 2 space for further artistic / performance / event / fundraising opportunities.
The development would include a dedicated members space, with a mezzanine interior walkout overlooking what would be Gallery 2/3, inclusive of lakeside accessibility w/ glass overhead doors and more voluminous 18 ft ceilings.
Ontario Trillium Foundation and NOHF grants would be essential — If successful, work on Phase II would be complete as soon as fall 2021.

As a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary platform, the new Definitely Superior Art Gallery is an extension of the evolving cultural landscape, in its most raw and honest form and will reopen its completely new repurposed/ renovated and expanded facility within the Cumberland Cinema 5 Theatre Complex in early April 2020, with a lively celebration featuring the opening of its inaugural exhibition:

“20-20 Future Vision,” featuring a multidisciplinary fusion of 40+ International/ National/ Regional artists and special guests, live music, performance, catered reception, champagne and explicit northern wildness.

We hope you will join us in celebrating the Grand Opening + Fundraiser of our new gallery space with a big sparkly gala affair, on the evening of Friday, April 3rd.

As well, “Urban Infill Art In The Core 14” to launch sometime in Late April to May (date tba)… stay tuned!

Please help to Build DefSup… Your generous donations are most welcome at this time. You may make cheques out to Definitely Superior Art Gallery and mail to P.O. Box 21015, RPO Grandview Mall, Thunder Bay ON, P7A 3S4. Charitable Receipts will be available over $25. Please also send your contact info (phone/email/snail mail address). Thank you for your continued support.