Video Presentation
2nd Dec 2013 - 14th Jan 2012

Mutate Britain is a collaboration between the legendary Mutoid Waste Company and the Cordy House Family, Together they create ground-breaking art events that use surprising locations to produce strikingly unique atmospheres. A monster of a street art show, cheekily dubbed MuTATE Britain, ran amok in London, leaving tens of thousands of gobsmacked visitors in its aftermath. Billed as an “interactive multimedia pile-up”, this free, non-corporate extravaganza didn’t disappoint. In a city where more conventional art exhibitions are as commonplace as rats in biology labs, the work featured here leapt out like some orgiastic post-apocalyptic cybernetic experiment. MuTATE Britain showcased a gargantuan collection of some of the best and most alternative street artists, grafitti artists, kinetic and sculptural artists, live performances, video art/projections, music/sound and installations. London’s major ANTI-CORPORATE art show, literally in the streets….start muTATE-ing!