All Is Well: A Retrospective
24th Nov 2023 - 13th Jan 2024

Regional | National | International-abstract impressionist paintings

Gala Opening Reception-Friday Nov 24 @ 7pm-11pm

In Honour and Memory of Janice Rose Andrews 1953-2023: All Is Well-A Retrospective: Internationally known regional artist Janice Andrews from Thunder Bay, based in Northwestern Ontario created large scale abstract impressionist paintings that typically present the world from a subjective perspective, distorting it radically utilizing the essence of light and colourful forms extrapolated from nature and emerging as an emotional, spiritual and physical journey evoking mood or ideas.

Andrews: “I have always been attracted to vibrant colour and its ability to affect us on many levels…the emotional, the spiritual and the physical. Painting is the medium I use to connect that triad from myself to the viewer. The vitality of the colours combined with intentional and intuitive brushstrokes create energy in the painting.

My paintings are based on landscapes… the impressions of what I’ve seen and experienced and remembered. They are not literal at all. I try to capture the essence of that fleeting moment of magical light and colourful forms as they filter through my mind and senses, emerging as a an emotional, spiritual and physical journey on canvas.

My new work is taking me on a journey to speak about the Earth, the oceans, the air – this blessed living planet we inhabit. I look to the physical and energetic upheaval and invasion of the Earth and am driven to express it in my painting. My process mirrors this upheaval – struggle, chaos and then resolution and renewal. It cannot be any other way.”

Andrews was an active and well recognized artist, not only in the region but has shown extensively throughout Canada and Internationally, known for her powerful, vibrant and inventive impressionistic visual art works. Regional | National | International -HBFA, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Institutional and private collections , recipient of grants and awards as well international residencies. Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan Co.Clare, Ireland, International Award of Merit, Manhattan Arts International.

Join us for a Gala Opening Reception featuring Art-Music, Artists Talk, Refreshments and coinciding show featuring 15 National contemporary artists, Gallery 1 + 2. Show closes January 13, 2024.

A special thanks to her partner Dave Lysak, for providing all the works of art for this exhibition.