How Not To Be Seen-A Fucking Didactic Educational. MOV File
1st Sep 2023 - 7th Oct 2023

International- Filmmaker | short film | 15min |

Gala Opening Reception-Friday Sept. 01 @ 7pm-11pm

Critically acclaimed International artist, Hito Steyerl has become one of the most revered figures in the mercurial world of contemporary art. Steyerl’s immersive film installation work investigates the effects of digital media and new technology on our consciousness, our social structures, and our relationship to ourselves, Steyerl’s work pushes the boundary of traditional video, often obscuring what is real beneath many layers of metaphors and satirical humor. Her work concerns topics of militarization, surveillance migration, the role of media in globalization and the dissemination of images and the culture surrounding it.

Join us for the Gala Opening Reception and enjoy a ferocity of Art, Music, Film, Dance and coinciding shows w/Elucidate Juried X w/70+ artists and Contemporary 15 w/15 artists as well a bevy of catered and cool fall refreshments, Artist Talks and more!  Gallery 2+ 3. Show runs until October 7 2023