New Generation Art Exhibitions
7th Apr 2018 - 10th Apr 2018

regional – multidisciplinary/light drawing photography

Gala Opening Reception-Saturday April 7 @ 7pm-11pm

Part of Urban Infill Art In The Core; empty & active spaces in the downtown will be converted into arts/cultural spaces with over 400 artists converging to exhibit their art for one of the largest multidisciplinary art shows in the City of Thunder Bay.

Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s Die Active New Generation Art Collective and Neechee Studio Indigenous Youth Group represent another aspect of some 24 projects/locations in the core. Spaces generously donated and located in multiple spaces in the Tomlinson Block-[15/11 St Paul Street]+White Macgillivray Lester LLP Law Firm Bldg. [1 Cumberland St. S] MDM Developers-[245 Red River Rd.+250 Park Ave] Atmos-[211 Red River Rd.]+The Ruttan Block-[4A Court St.S+Window Spaces] Over 12,000 sq.ft. of new exhibition/ performance space.

Join us for a Gala Opening Reception at Definitely Superior Art Gallery Sat. April 7 @ 7-11pm with three new exhibitions featuring national/international artists-part of the downtown wide Urban Infill exhibitions and a ferocity of Art-Music/ Dance+Wearable Art Performances-catering by Prime Gelato, Sovereign Room, Home Slice Bakery & Sweet Escape Cake Café & Bakery. Pick up your art map at DefSup and then follow the Tour Guides to all the exciting Urban Infill locations, re-discover your Downtown Waterfront District  through art & culture. Shows will run Sunday April 8-April 10-[12-6pm]