Birthday Gala + Volunteer Appreciation Party!
7th Jul 2023 - 5th Aug 2023

Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition featuring 125 Artists

Gala Opening Reception-Friday July 7 @ 7pm-11pm

Show Runs: July 07 – August 05 2023

We’re having a Glitzy Gala Birthday P.arty!…and everyone is invited, come out and help us celebrate Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s 35 year history of artistic excellence and support to over 37,500 contemporary artists over that time period. The Annual Members Show offers the opportunity for both emerging and established artists to share exhibition space. The lack of restriction is designed to encourage eclectic and experimental works in response. Presentation of the work facilitates those artists whose art investigates social, political, environmental and critical issues of importance.

This diverse annual exhibition always draws out the best and most vibrant of art and audiences, with over 125 artists participating…anything can happen. Gala Opening Reception Birthday Party & Volunteer | Supporters Appreciation will be happening on Friday July 7, 7-11pm featuring a ferocity of art | live music | film | wearable art performances | dance | fire | and two coinciding shows – Lots of exquisite birthday CUPCAKES by Milk & Water and summer refreshments of an exquisite nature w/Sushi by Humble Fish! This will be an AEFFG…Amazing Exquisite Flawless Four-star Glorious event, 3,2,1..Lets Jam!! Shows run July 7th- August 5th, 2023. See Website, Facebook and Instagram for more event info.


Boy Roland

Michel Dumont

Patrick Doyle

Taylor Anderson

Luc Depres

Gayle Buzzi

Leslie Shaw

Colleen Rose

Christopher Stones

Kristina Malek

Sam Shahsahabi

Mark Nisenholt

Carol Cooper

Angela Benedict

Candace Twance

Mavourneen Trainor

Damen Scott

Vicki Nerino

Denise Smith

Sarah Link

Peter Wragg

Violet Legarde

Murielle Horseman

Adele Agostino

Anne Winkworth

Ryan Bociurko

Vanessa Magee

Tuija Hansen

Shannon Hogan

Martin King

Celine Mundinger

Alyssa Yorizza  Kusik

Donna Lynn Ross

Katy Poirier

Alyson Chasse

Nathan Cross

Mariano Sequeira

Pippi Johnson

Kevin Niemi

Erin Szturn

Abbi Buckley

Erin Mueller

Keegan Richard

Anne Winkworth

Tim Boyce

Taina Maki

Caroline Kajorinne

Jayal Chung

Lori Gilbert

Tuija Hansen

Nicole Sutherland

Sirpa Bishop

David Winters

Katja Maki

Theresa Russell

Mike Lewis

Sue Lewis

Leona McEwan

Chantel Rossi

Joerg HollMann

Irene Warmenhoven

Indigo Smith

Clint Black

Dianel Columbe

Linda Dell

Evalina Sacchetti

Kira Tuomi

David Mancuso