Mika Rottenberg | Film Installation: Spaghetti Blockchain
28th Aug 2020 - 24th Oct 2020

International Film Screenings/Installations: interviews and artworks of artists, with juxtaposed methodologies that push the limits of art, culture and interaction. Argentina-born, New York-based video artist Mika Rottenberg is devoted to a rigorous practice that combines film, architectural installation, and sculpture to explore ideas of labor and the production of value in our contemporary hyper-capitalist world. Using traditions of both cinema and sculpture, she seeks out locations around the world where specific systems of production and commerce are in place. Through the editing process, and with footage from sets built in her studio, Rottenberg connects seemingly disparate places and things to create elaborate and subversive visual narratives. By weaving fact and fiction together, she highlights the inherent beauty and absurdity of our contemporary existence.

Mika Rottenberg (Argentinian, b. 1976) Rottenberg’s  imaginative video works and installations by Mika Rottenberg intertwine documentary with fiction in surreal allegories of today’s life. Their ingenious visual narratives illuminate the interconnected relationships between economies, geographic areas, forms of work, and added value. . . . In her interdisciplinary-experimental artistic approach and in the exploration of the interweaving of the machine and the body,. Rottenberg’s  latest installation Spaghetti Blockchain (2019), which explores ancient and contemporary ideas about materialism, the film installation traces central themes in the artist’s oeuvre, such as labor, technology, and the interconnectedness of the mechanical and the bodily.

Rottenberg has shown Internationally at major Art Institutions, China, France, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina, Greece, Denmark and more, as well the recipient of International Art awards.