18th Mar 2022 - 16th Apr 2022

International- expressionist urban graffiti | street art short films

Gala Opening Reception-Friday Mar 18+Saturday Mar 19 @ 7pm-10pm

Creator Project 8- Video Screening- entrancing new films by Selina Miles that features a moving timelapse-aka hyperlapse-of SOFLES and fellow international graffiti artists, Fintan Magee, TREAS and QUENCH painting a massive abandoned warehouse in Australia, creating with juxtaposed methodologies that push the limits of art, culture and interaction. It highlights the special relationship of creative people, those “technical poets” who, rather than restricting themselves to the utilitarian aspect, base their research on an understanding of existence transcended by artistic genius. If you’re somehow not familiar with SOFLES Limitless, get ready to treat-your ocular senses as you feast on the SUPA MEGA-ry in less than five minutes and over 1,000 emptied spray cans. Join us for the Gala Opening Reception and enjoy a ferocity of Art, Music and coinciding shows w/Patrick Doyle and Damen Chase Scott as well a bevy of catered and cool winter refreshments, Artist Talks and more!  Gallery 3.

It is important to note that contemporary graffiti has developed completely apart from traditional, institutionalized art forms. Graffiti challenges societal norms and laws, and it does not aim to be legal.