Video Screenings
12th Jan 2013 - 16th Feb 2013

Gala Opening Reception Saturday, January 12th at 7pm

Creator Project Video Screenings features international artists: Nancy Rubins – The Edge; Theo Jansen – Strandbeest; Chris Milk – The Treachery of Sanctuary; Bill Viola – Acceptance. Educational video screenings, interviews and artworks of four major artists, with juxtaposed methodologies that push the limits of art, culture and interaction.  The screenings broach the issue of technology transcended by artistic genius. It highlights the special relationship of creative people, those “technical poets” who, rather than restricting themselves to the utilitarian aspect, base their research on an understanding of existence and the beauty of machines. Gala Opening Reception of 3 new shows-featuring: art/music performance and a wintery wonderland of refreshments Saturday January 12 @ 7:00 pm.

Gallery 3