Collection-Dr. Bob Chaudhuri
9th Apr 2016 - 7th May 2016

international – painting/drawing/photography/printmaking

Gala Opening Reception-Sat March 28 @ 7-11pm

Thirty-two national artists comprise this all new selection of groundbreaking and influential artworks from the Dr. Chaudhuri collection in support of leading-edge contemporary art and providing public access to some of Canada’s dynamic art scene for one of the largest exhibitions in Northwestern Ontario of Canadian contemporary artists. Featuring: painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, glassworks and drawings by critically acclaimed Canadian artists, big on the international art scene and featured in major art magazines. Join us for a Gala Opening Reception at Definitely Superior Art Gallery Sat.Apr.9 @7-11pm with three new exhibitions featuring national/international artists-part of the downtown wide Urban Infill exhibitions, and a ferocity of Art/Music/Dance/Wearable Art/New Media Performances and catered refreshments. Pick up your map at DefSup and then follow the Tour Guides to all the exciting Urban Infill locations. Open Apr.10-12th (12-6pm) + Continues to May 7.