Collection Dr. Bob Chaudhuri
7th Apr 2018 - 5th May 2018

international – painting/sculpture/photography/printmaking

Gala Opening Reception-Saturday April 7 @ 7pm-11pm

Sixteen national artists comprise this all new selection of groundbreaking and influential artworks from the Dr. Chaudhuri collection in support of leading-edge contemporary art and providing public access to some of Canada’s dynamic art scene for one of the largest exhibitions in Northwestern Ontario of Canadian contemporary artists.

Featuring: painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, photography, and drawings by critically acclaimed Canadian artists, (Marc Seguin,Lauren Craste, Angela Grossman, George Vergette, Julie Oakes, Jason Mclean and more) big on the international art scene and featured in major art magazines.



Join us for a Gala Opening Reception at Definitely Superior Art Gallery Sat. April 7 @7-11pm with three new exhibitions featuring national/international artists-part of the downtown wide Urban Infill exhibitions, and a ferocity of Art/Music/Dance/Wearable Art/New Media Performances and catered refreshments. Pick up your map at DefSup and then follow the Tour Guides to all the exciting Urban Infill locations. Open April 8-10 (12-6pm) + Continues to May 5