Annual Regional Juried Show
6th Sep 2018 - 12th Jan 2019

Gala Opening Reception-Friday November 16 @ 7-10pm

16th November 2018 – 12th January 2019

UNTAMED:  [something in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated or cultivated, it may be delicate, elaborate and elegant. This elegant nobility is embedded in every form of life, but how can we restore “untamedness” to our modern ways of feeling and thinking?]

Untamed, the theme for our 30th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition, is an open regional call for entry format and is designed with the following objective in mind: that local/regional professional emerging and established artists are given an opportunity to consider the relevance of the concept of Untamed in terms of their own experiences, interpretations and relationships to current contemporary art practices.

The gallery adheres to our mandate of identifying and encouraging contemporary artists working in all media and engaging ourselves to identify our place and role as contributors in the regional and national context. CARFAC fees paid to successful applicants.

Join us for a Gala Opening Reception with Art-Music-Performance-Refreshments, and coinciding film installation-Friday November 16@7PM. Gallery 1+2.