regional - painting - mixed media
3rd Dec 2013 - 8th Jan 2013

Definitely Superior wishes to emphasize to the arts community – at – large an awareness of the diverse nature of artists and an appreciation of the contemporary arts in the region of Northwestern Ontario, and allow access by members and collectives to develop shows and art production as well as a place to exhibit.  This month features Sarah Furlotte, in her first solo exhibition comprising of exciting new contemporary painting works and  box art forms in various mediums.  As Furlotte explains, she likes to approach a piece of work uninhibited, free of constraints, throwing paint on the paper and has learned it takes longer to free yourself than to attempt to render realism.  The icons in her work develop their meaning as she places them in context with each other.  This forms the language of her work, that she uses to explain what she filters out of life.  Furlotte is a well recognized artist in the world of visual / theatre / film / performative arts and is a recipient of a Northern Ontario Arts Council Creation Grant.