Graffiti Mural Reveal
1st Jun 2017
County Park Library

Die Active’s new street art mural will be revealed June 1st, 12pm with great excitement. A 60-foot long art work now dramatically transforms and brightens the entrance of the County Fair branch of the Thunder Bay Public Library. The new mural is located in the corridor that extends from the main entrance of County Fair Mall (facing Dawson Street)
to the Library.

The project is a partnership of Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s Die Active Art Collective and Thunder Bay Public Library to animate the library entrance, while also engaging with young people in creative and meaningful ways. The mural began early in May as an exciting opportunity for emerging artists from the collective to showcase their high-quality and evolving street art aesthetics and techniques to the public, while bringing colour and creativity to the Library and mall. The project partners are confident that this colourful addition to the space will encourage an appreciation for art and the capabilities of youth.

These are the drawings of over 15 artists combined, put to life in large scale and rich colour. DefSup’s young-blooded art collective of over 600 members, believes in putting youth ideas at the center, while improving upon and highlighting the skills of our emerging artists. We love working with the Public Library because of their support of creativity and collaboration. The fact that they make room for youth led ideas and processes to take place, without directing, is greatly empowering and allows good art things to happen.”

A projection time lapse of the artwork and artists was also created during the painting process and will be viewed at the big reveal. Photos of the mural can be seen on the Definitely Superior Art Gallery and Thunder Bay Public Library Facebook pages.